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Vacuum fillers

Risco filling and portioning filling machines can be easily combined with the vast range of Risco accessories and systems to process meat sausages,  as well portioning, twisting, depositing and forming of meat, fish and other food products. Every Risco vacuum filler features the unique Risco Long Life vane product pump. The Risco Long Life vane product pump provides the highest in product quality and portion accuracy in the production of every type of meat product whether coarse, ground or emulsion.

Vacuum fillers for small sized industry

  • RS 110

    The new, all-round servo vacuum filler. Compact and flexible, suitable for small productions.

  • RS 112

    The new precise, reliable and high performance Risco filling machine with built-in loader. Dedicated to the most dynamic users.

  • RS 114

    The Risco compact filling machine with a high loading capacity. Designed for specialised manufacturers with big ambitions.


Vacuum fillers for medium scale industry

  • RS 205/165

    The continuous vacuum filler of the dynamic series, complete with loader for 100 liters carts.

  • RS 205/260

    The dynamic vacuum filler, ideal for a flexible and economic production of various type of foodstuffs.

  • RS 305

    The new continuous electronic vacuum filler from Risco for medium-high productions.

  • RS 303

    The continuous vacuum filler of the advanced series that incorporates the innovative frontal grinding system.

  • RS 301

    The continuous vacuum filler for viscous and very dry products.


Vacuum fillers for the large sized industry

  • RS 405

    The compact vacuum filler, precise and reliable, suitable for stiff and viscous products.

  • RS 403

    The new generation vacuum filler which combines the progressive stuffing system with the in-line grinder.

  • RS 401

    High precision and advanced portioning system intended for the large industries.

  • RS 505

    The advanced vacuum filler for the large industry. Complete and versatile, suitable for high productions.

  • RS 505 CP

    The vacuum filler with constant and controlled filling pressure.

  • RS 503

    The vacuum filler from Risco for large industries, complete with the modern system to fill and grind simultaneously.

  • RS 501

    The High Torque vacuum filler to process any kind of dough at high pressures.

  • RS 605

    The superior Risco filler for the large food industry, it can be synchronised with all Risco accessories and clippers.

  • RS 603

    The vacuum filler for the large-scale industry, it is equipped with a 350-litre hopper and incorporates the RS 70…

  • RS 601

    The Risco filler for the large food industry, it can be connected to all Risco accessories and clipping machines.