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Total Vacuum Fillers

Risco offers five different models of special vacuum fillers, purposely designed for the production of Ham, whole muscle and Mortadella products. All Risco models utilise the total vacuum system to ensure efficient production of first-class quality products.

Ham products filling

  • RS 650

    The industrial total vacuum filler for high-quality ham products.

  • RS 615

    The vacuum filler of the superior series for moulded ham made from small pieces of meat.


Sausage products filling

  • RS 614

    The total vacuum filler for high quality seasoned and cooked sausage products.

  • RS 613

    The vacuum filler with inline grinder for coarse and dry sausages.


Mortadella products filling

  • RS 200 M

    The unique vacuum filler for mortadella and other fine emulsion products.