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RS 614

The superior vacuum filler for first-class seasoned sausage products

The RS 614 is the new generation total vacuum filler suited for the production of cured, semi-seasoned or cooked high quality sausage products. Through the innovative total vacuum system, combined with the exclusive Risco concentric vane filling pump, it is possible to delicately and continuously fill any kind of product, whether ground or emulsion, and the final product will have a higher quality than the standard products you can find in the market. In common with the other Risco total vacuum fillers, the RS 614 is equipped with a large loading tank and vertical loader. The loading tank is connected, via a large diameter pipe (DM 250 mm) to the vacuum hopper which is equipped with an optical level sensor to determine the correct amount of meat inside the hopper. The fully automated process enables the manufacture of the highest quality products and a production efficiency without precedent, from standard industrial production lines.

Main features

  • Excellent quality of the final product
  • Extended shelf-life due to max.air removal
  • Perfect for coarse and fine coarse sausage products
  • Extremely accurate portion control
  • High productivity
  • Direct interface to high speed clippers

Technical features

  • Production per hour: 8.000 or 12.000 kg / h
  • Filling pressure: 60 or 40 bar max
  • Installed power: 12 kW
  • Hopper capacity: 350 liters
  • Loading tank capacity: 450 liters

Brochure RS 614