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Risco high quality equipment is designed to handle delicate seafood products from fish sticks and burgers to surimi and beyond.
The systems by Risco are capable of extruding fish products with exact shape and weight while maintaining the humidity of the raw product.


  • Sausages
  • Sticks
  • Large size products (ie octopus carpaccio)
  • Formed (fishburgers, salmon burgers, fishballs)
  • Extruded
  • Emulsions, paté and salads
  • Toppings

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Our Solutions

  • RS 114

    The Risco compact filling machine with a high loading capacity. Designed for specialised manufacturers with big ambitions.

  • TVM 140 N

    Forming machine with single head for production of round- oval or different shaped burgers.

  • ATM 202

    The new single head guillotine for a precise portioning of bars and other extruded products.

  • Product flow divider

    The multi-outlets system for extruding any type of food dough, at constant pressure.