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Frontal discharge mixers

Risco offers a large range of mixers for the food industry. Risco mixers are suitable for mixing products like meat, vegetables, cheeses, confectionery and others; they guarantee a complete, effective and gentle mix of the products in a very short time. The intersecting mixing paddle system, which preserves the product, maintains the original colour and quality is featured in the whole of Risco mixer range. Risco mixers can be supplied with a vertical loader for a better line automation.

  • RS 450

    The mixer with 450-liter bowl capacity for small products. Ideal for mixing any mixture of foodproduct.

  • RS 450 SV

    The Risco mixer suitable for medium production, with vacuum cover.

  • RS 750

    The frontal discharge mixer with bowl capacity of 750 liters. Also available with vacuum.

  • RS 750 SV

    The model for medium-high production with integrated vacuum system for a better product density.

  • RS 1500

    The mixer with 1500 liters bowl capacity, suitable for meat, fruit, vegetables, confectionery products and liquid products.