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RS 1500

RS 1500

The frontal discharge mixer for the large food industry

The Risco mixer model RS 1500 is equipped with a 1500-litre bowl capacity: for that reason it is ideal for large quantities of product that need a gentle and accurate mix. The intersecting mixing paddle system allows gentle movement of the product without pressing it in the critical points of the bowl. Ideal for meat, confectionery, liquids, fruit and vegetables, the mixer guarantees a uniform distribution close to 100% in a short time. Also the RS 1500 model is equipped with the new Risco microprocessor for the automatic working program, including auto-reverse of the mixing paddles.

Main features

  • Mixing system with double intersecting paddles
  • Fast, delicate and homogeneous mixing process
  • Frontal discharge system for a fast product discharge
  • Mixing programs can be memorized and recalled automatically or manually
  • Conforming with hygienic standards

Technical features

  • Bowl capacity: 1500 l.
  • Cart capacity: 200 l.
  • Installed total power: 15 kW

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