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Quality and Technology


Risco undertakes to guarantee the highest product quality through careful planning, the adoption of innovative technologies in production processes, and the definition of high mechanical and technical research of the highest quality materials and components used and the stringent controls to test and improve quality. The components of Risco products are checked and tested at every stage of production. The assembled product is the result of accurate quality control and the finish is certainly high.


The technology embodied in products Risco is the result of ongoing studies by the R & D departments always working in synergy. The technological research is carried out at the international level thanks to experts in every area of application from the mechanical, electrical, electronic and moving up to computer control technology. Risco invests a substantial part of its resources in research and the creation of new products and maintaining and improving existing ones. Developing ideas through the study of technology and increasingly sophisticated tests continue to occur with a clear path, a style still recognizable, and a feeling that clients and the Risco staff are all being a part of a single design.