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Minced Meat Systems

The Risco systems RS 916, RS 918 and RS 920 suitable for producing beef, pork, chicken and turkey minced meat and RS 920 Flex for both minced meat and home-style burgers allow the portioning and deposit of the product directly into trays, without any manual contact of the operator. These four systems are synchronized with check-weighers and automatic loading systems.

  • RS 916

    The Risco system for high production of minced meat, with excellent portioning accuracy and final product appearance.

  • RS 918

    The new, dynamic Risco portioner for the production of minced meat in trays and cevapcici

  • RS 920

    The ultimate high speed Risco system, with continuous product flow and cutting/separation of the ground meat blocks.

  • RS 920 Flex

    The new Risco portioner Risco for high productions of ground meat and home-style burgers.