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RS 920

RS 920

The innovative high speed system for production of ground meat

The Risco RS 920 is the ultimate system for the production of minced meat. The Risco patented system, consists of a Risco vacuum filler with integrated in-line grinder – single or multiple plates and knives – deboning system, a double portioning belt and a continuous cutting device to ensure a more controlled ground meat portion and a high portioning accuracy. The system allows the production of identical portions of minced meat from beef, pork, chicken and turkey with a production capacity up to 200 PPM. The RS 920 system includes an automatic paper interleaver to prevent any manual contact or contamination, as requested by the most stringent hygiene rules.

Main features

  • Continuous product flow and cutting/separation of the ground meat portion
  • High speed (up to 200 PPM on 500 grams portions)
  • Reduced wear and maintenance cost on the pump and portioner due to the continuous concept
  • Minimum give away on products – high portioning accuracy
  • High control of the portion shape
  • Check weigher interface
  • Inline grinder with variable speed, servo controlled
  • Deboning system on in-line grinder

Flyer RS 920