Innovation and Research


The focal point for Risco is the continuous innovation of its products an it offers a technology always in step with the times and is presented with great professionalism. Through over forty years of experience and activity and the use of latest technologies, Risco is able to propose new methods of processing and is capable of responding to any production requirement. The high development of an innovative Risco leads to a widening range of products offered in the processing of meat and other food products. When there is a new idea, Risco is the ideal partner for its completion and is capable of expressing, in each stroke, the sign of its personality.


Modern research techniques adopted by all the Risco departments helps business development. A result of this continuous research is the number of patents filed by the company in the world. The research takes place not only on corporate products in the technical, mechanical or electronic, or in finding new materials, but also in the process of organization and operation and features, such as a turning point for progress.

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