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Risco accessories

Risco offers a range of accessories for its fillers in order to meet the different production requirements of the user. All the accessories are developed and produced respecting the criteria of Risco quality. Thanks to such applications, the final productivity increases, creating more profit and dramatic savings for the producer. Moreover the quality of the final product is increased as each application is specified according to the requirement of the product.

  • Automatic Hand

    The system for production of twisted sausages in natural, cellulosic and synthetic casing.

  • Casing spinner

    Spinners for natural casings.

  • RS 70

    The frontal grinder to fill, portion and twist dry products.

  • Metaldetector

    Metal detection system on automatic twister.

  • RS 56

    The double exit system for continuous filling, it allows an efficient and quick operation with no downtime.

  • AR

    Vertical dosing valve for emulsion and liquid products.

  • Product splitter

    The multi-outlets system for extruding any type of food dough, at constant pressure.

  • Single head guillotine SA50 – SA75 – SA90

    Single head guillotine for a precise portioning of meat, fish or other food products.

  • RS 371

    Clean up cart to store in orderly manner all the components of the vacuum fillers.