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Meat Linked

Your premium quality cooked, dry or fresh sausages can be produced with the Risco sausage systems, granting the maximum portioning accuracy and  the highest quality sausage. The sausage linking systems from Risco are available with twist-linker or an automatic hanging unit and a cutting unit.


  • Cooked sausages in natural, collagen, cellulose casing
  • Fresh sausages in natural, collagen, cellulose casing
  • Dry sausages in natural, collagen, cellulose casing

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Our Solutions


  • RS 405

    The compact vacuum filler, precise and reliable, suitable for stiff and viscous products.

  • RS 260 + RS 279

    The modern Risco concept for industrial production of cooked or cured sausages in natural, collagen and artificial casing.

  • RS 261 + RS 280

    The new Risco system with double horn for the production of twisted product in natural, collagen or cellulose casing…

  • RS 280

    The newly designed Risco stand-alone or in-line cutting machine suitable for all type of casing

  • RS 601

    The Risco filler for the large food industry, it can be connected to all Risco accessories and clipping machines.