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Vacuum fillers for the large sized industry

Risco offers nine models of new generation vacuum fillers designed to meet the production needs of large companies.

  • RS 405

    The compact vacuum filler, precise and reliable, suitable for stiff and viscous products.

  • RS 403

    The new generation vacuum filler which combines the progressive stuffing system with the in-line grinder.

  • RS 401

    High precision and advanced portioning system intended for the large industries.

  • RS 505

    The advanced vacuum filler for the large industry. Complete and versatile, suitable for high productions.

  • RS 505 CP

    The vacuum filler with constant and controlled filling pressure.

  • RS 503

    The vacuum filler from Risco for large industries, complete with the modern system to fill and grind simultaneously.

  • RS 501

    The High Torque vacuum filler to process any kind of dough at high pressures.

  • RS 605

    The superior Risco filler for the large food industry, it can be synchronised with all Risco accessories and clippers.

  • RS 603

    The vacuum filler for the large-scale industry, it is equipped with a 350-litre hopper and incorporates the RS 70…