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RS 501

The High-Torque vacuum filler to process dry products at high pressures

Continuous vacuum filler designed for large production facilities to process any kind of stuff, in pieces, ground or emulsion like products at high pressures. The Risco RS 501 model has been constructed to fill particularly sticky and dry products ensuring, at the same time, an excellent production in terms of output, filling quality and accuracy of the portion weight. Filler equipped with the Risco LongLife rotor pump with vertically sliding vanes to guarantee an exceptional durability of the investment even at high operating pressures. Through a central computer of the latest generation the operator can monitor all the processing parameters of the filler and store up to 100 different programs. The Risco RS 501 filling machine is fitted with a 350 lt. hopper.

Main Features

  • Higher filling pressure
  • Excellent feeding and compaction of all food masses
  • Guaranteed accurate portioning
  • Clear definition of the filled product
  • Compact electrical box inside the frame of the machine
  • Easy connection and interfacing with all Risco accessories
  • Easy to clean with low pressure systems

Technical Features

  • Production per hour: 6.500 kg / h
  • Portioning speed: 700 pcs / min
  • Filling pressure: 60 bar max
  • Installed power: 12 kW
  • Hopper capacity: 350 liters

Brochure RS 501