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RS 405

The new generation filler for the medium-large industry

The RS 405 is a compact, precise and reliable vacuum filler which completes the wide range of Risco advanced fillers. It features the filling system with lowered chambers which is suitable for filling small quantities of viscous products and ensuring excellent filling accuracy in terms of quality and weight control. The new computer control allows monitoring the machine in a direct and efficient way which enables to speed up and optimize the production process. The operator can easily recall all production programs for immediate changes in the processing. Risco RS 405 filler is extremely versatile and adaptable to any type of process. The optimized feeding system allows a perfect filling of the chambers, for a delicate and accurate process of any type of dough. The filler can be connected to all Risco accessories.

Main Features

  • Suitable for stiff and viscous dough
  • Improved portioning accuracy
  • Total filling of the filling areas
  • Less stress of the rotating parts of the filling pump
  • Color display with icons
  • Possibility to connect to all Risco accessories

Technical Feature

  • Production per hour: 8.000 Kg / h
  • Portionng speed: 700 pcs / min
  • Filling pressure: 40 bar max
  • Installed power: 12 kW
  • Hopper capacity: 350 liters

Brochure RS 405