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Product splitter

Product splitter

The multi-lane extruder

Risco Product Splitter (Flow divider) is a modern and technologically advanced system for extruding food products. The system will process any kind of food dough, meat, fish, cheese, confectionery products and much more. The Flow Divider ensures the perfect extrusion and product flow rates, at constant pressure. The system is activated by a dosing system consisting of a rotor driven by the pressure of the product itself which logically and continuously guarantee total simultaneous uniformity of the product flows. The system is available with 2 to 12 outputs, depending on the production needs and it is filled by the new generation continuous vacuum filler series from Risco. The product flows can then be further divided according to the process requirements: these are divided by a cutting system that ensures a clear separation of the portions for forming solid extruded products (circular, square or triangular shapes and more with different diameters and sizes available) or can also be connected to portioning valves when dosing is required, which is suitable for most liquid masses. The Risco Product Splitter provides excellent weight control of the extruded portions which come out simultaneously, and it allows automatic production when product is deposited onto a conveyor belt, directly into containers, cups, trays or cans, without manual intervention.

Main Features

  • Equal product flows
  • High portioning accuracy
  • No rise in temperature during the process
  • Automatic production without manual intervention
  • Easy to integrate in a system of automatic production and depositing
  • Minimum maintenance due to a low pressure system