RS 918

RS 918

The superbly efficient system for producing minced meat and cevapcici

The RS 918 model offers a powerful, effective solution for the industrial production of minced meat with high added value.  The system is made up of a Risco continuous vacuum filler and the RS 918 portioner. The line is aimed at beef, pork or poultry producers wishing to supply large volumes without any compromise on quality. The result is a minced product with excellent texture, intended for the high-end catering trade or for very discerning customers.

A modern Risco vacuum filling machine, the central hub of the production line, feeds a 220-mm grinding head with variable rotation: specially designed to produce a clean, accurate cut, without compacting the meat. The possibility to chose among various grinding plates, allowa a flexible choice of formats and the creation of a customised product.

The Risco RS 918 portioner comes with a​ waxed​​ paper dispenser and a second belt to separate the portions when they are cut. To complete the production cycle, the line can be combined with other equipment for unstacking, loading or sealing trays, or with a high-tech inspection system to check the quality of the finished product.

Main Features

  • Precise, regular portions
  • High performance (up to 90 PPM)
  • Adaptable grinding plate
  • Easy integration with other machinery (e.g. in-line chechweigher, tray conveyors, etc.)
  • Compact system with flexible positioning of components

Flyer RS 918

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