RS 920 Flex

RS 920 Flex

The Risco flexible system for high productions of ground meat and home-style burgers

The new RS 920 Flex High Speed Portioner is our latest system for a flexible and accurate production of both minced meat and home-style burgers. The module RS 920 Flex is combined with a Risco high torque vacuum filler with in-line grinder. The unit is made of a divided portioning belt, an integrated continuous cutting device and an automatic paper interleaver for minced meat production. By assembling the flattening belt with integrated portioning head you can turn the production to home-style burgers. The continuous filling and cutting concept enables the RS 920 Flex to be extremely fast and accurate compared to other systems on the market. Without the start-stop working principle the system allows to maintain a constant and regular flow, increasing the production speed of minced meat portions up to 200 PPM and up to 250 PPM for the production of burgers.

Main features

  • Improved product shape and appearance
  • Continuous servo-driven mechanism
  • Minimised wear and maintenance costs due to continuous portioning concept
  • Minimum giveaway on products – High portioning performance

Flyer RS 920 Flex

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