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RS 303

The new generation vacuum filler with inline grinder

RS 303 continuous vacuum filler of the advanced filler series incorporates the RS 70 in-line grinder. The developed grinding system perfectly fits this compact and essential filler model for filling, portioning and twisting extremely dry and ground food stuffs. Suitable for medium productions, the RS 303 filler model is equipped with a high-powered drive motor and is used for the continuous filling, connected to a clipper or a twister. The RS 70 in-line grinder can be easily disconnected from the filler so that the user may operate traditionally. The computer of new generation allows to monitor all the operating parameters of the filling machine and the in-line grinder and to adjust them according to the customer’s requirements while filling. Fitted with a hopper with 280 lt. capacity, the RS 303 continuous vacuum filler can be connected to all the accessories of the Risco range.

Main Features

  • More powerful motors
  • Higher density of the filled product
  • Independent speed of the frontal grinder
  • Excellent filling of the stuffing chambers
  • Easy cleaning of all components
  • Ideal for connection to Risco “Frontal Linker” system

Technical Features

  • Production per hour: 4.000 Kg / h
  • Portioning speed: 680 pcs / min
  • Filling pressure: 60 bar max
  • Installed power: 12 kW
  • Hopper capacity: 280 liters


Brochure RS 303