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RS 615

The total vacuum filler for moulded ham and small meat pieces of meat

The RS 615 from the Risco top of the range series of machines is the ideal filler for the production of moulded ham made from small pieces of pork, beef or poultry meat with individual piece weights up to 500 gr. The efficient and constant double vacuum system provides maximum air extraction and optimum filling of the RS 615’s concentric vane cell chambers. This ensures a denser, higher quality product, with improved and appetizing appearance when sliced. Thanks to its extremely accurate portioning and the continuous, automatic and precise filling process, this model perfectly meets the stricter demands of large industry. The RS 615 can be connected to any recent generation automatic clipping machine or to a dosing system with single head (RS 117) or double heads (RS 117.2) to portion directly into moulds or thermoforming machinery.

Main features

  • Excellent weight accuracy
  • Automated production process
  • Higher product density
  • Complete air removal from the product
  • Higher daily production capacity
  • Total filling of the filler chambers
  • Compact and user friendly system

Technicuresal features

  • Production per hour: 13.500 kg / h
  • Filling pressure: 15 bar max
  • Installed power: 13 kW
  • Hopper capacity: 350 liters
  • Floor hopper capacity: 1.100 liters

Brochure RS 615