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Automatic Hand

Automatic Hand

The system for the production of twisted sausage

A progressive system for the production of twisted sausages in natural, collagen, or synthetic casings. The system allows an increase in production and eliminates casing breaks. The automatic hand is directly connected to the front of the vacuum filler by means of a fast connection device. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and it allows a quick change over of the production line during the day. Some models have an adjustable support bracket that allows the system to be moved to the side during the stand-by and clean up phases. A brake ring is incorporated in the automatic hand that can be easily changed to suit the selected casing size and selected horn, depending on the type of sausages to be produced.

Main features

  • Efficient twisting process
  • Maximum flexibility for casing changes
  • Casing size: 13-56 mm
  • Adjustable casing brake
  • Low maintenance costs