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RS 19

RS 19

The semi-automatic tying machine for fresh sausages

The Risco semi-automatic tying machine is ideal for tying, in continuous rows, products such as: sausages, chorizos, mignons, knackwurst and cervellas. It is suitable for tying natural casings of mutton, pork and beef; it may also work with any type of synthetic casings up to a calibre of 45 mm. The tying machine is electromechanical, has a simple design and easy maintenance. Tying speed and length of pieces may be easily adjusted. On the machine you may execute the loop for hanging the product on the opposite stands.

Main Features

  • Higher productivity
  • No need for specialized personnel
  • Excellent mechanical quality
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Ideal for saving costs and production times

Technical Features

  • Max production capacity: 120 pcs / min
  • Max casing diameter: 45 mm
  • Max portion length: –
  • Total installed power: 0,4 kW