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The essential tying machines for fresh sausages

This new generation model is the result of Risco’s depth of experience in tying machines for sausages and similar products. The RS 19 ALP is equipped with a servomotor and a microprocessor; it may tie continuous rows of sausages with a length of up to 130 mm, using both natural and synthetic casings. RS 19 ALP is completely made of stainless steel and it uses a semi-mobile pincer system which enables a very accurate tie of the sausages up to 120 pcs/min. By means of the microprocessor you may program the number of tying revolutions, the number of pieces to be produced, the portion length and the space between the portions.

Main Features

  • Efficient and automated production
  • First class mechanical
  • Excellent tying of sausages
  • No need for specialized personnel
  • Minimum maintenance costs over the years

Technical Features

  • Max production capacity: 120 pcs / min
  • Max casing diameter: 45 mm
  • Max portion length: 130 mm
  • Total installed power: 0.55 kW