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RS 260 + RS 279

RS 260 + RS 279

Advanced semi-automatic twisting and hanging system, for efficient production of high quality sausages

In the RS 260 system, the Risco continuous vacuum filler with low pressure discharge technology feeds the twisting mechanism in a constant, delicate and efficient way. When the casing runs out, the filling pipe quickly moves sideways, allowing the operator to quickly load a new stick. The two-hand impulse system moves the pipe back into the filling position, ready to restart. This automation assures considerable reduction of production downtime, for greater yield and constant production quality. Along with the hanging unit, the RS 260 also assures correct position of the twisted product in the moulded hooks, which the operator can remove for the subsequent stage of the process. The overall production performance with the RS 260 solution remarkably improves in comparison to a traditional twist-linker, particularly for products of unrivalled quality.


Main Features

  • Even portions in weight and length
  • Optimised casing brake-system
  • Reduction in casing breakage
  • Optional casing-end detector
  • Sausages reveal a superior appearance

Technical Features

  • Product length: max 1000 mm
  • Portioning speed: 700 PPM
  • Casing diameter: 18-42 mm

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