DF series

Forming system for food balls

The Risco system for the production of food balls and dumplings using diaphragms. The forming head can be single or multi outlet, from 2 to 6 diaphragms. The system guarantees the production of balls (meat, fish, cheese, potatoes, etc.) with a precise form and with good weight control of the portions. The meatballer DF50 (for meatballs from 20 to 48 mm) or DF70 (for meatballs from 40 mm to 65 mm) is directly connected to the Risco filler, which feeds continuously the forming head. The balls are formed and portioned alternately on the diaphragm heads. The meatballer from Risco is mounted on a mobile system with wheels for an easy connection and disconnection during the working day.

Main features

  • Efficient production of food balls
  • Excellent weight portioning control
  • Easy connection to Risco vacuum fillers
  • Product conveyor belt available as optional
  • Controlled thru the Risco control system

Serie DF