Risco: Partner in your success

Risco is the name of reference for the supply of meat processing machines and systems for the food industry. Operating for 47 years, the company has earned a leading position in world markets, joining a family tradition to an advanced and efficient management, projecting as a pioneer in finding new solutions, new processes, new markets and new successes. Risco production includes a wide range of sausage vacuum fillers, total vacuum fillers for filling ham andwhole muscle, dry sausages, salami and Mortadella products, minced meat lines, frontal linker lines, meat preparation linessuch as grinders and paddle mixers, forming lines for burgers, balls and dumplings (meat,fish or vegetarian products) depositing and co-extrusion systems,tying machines and a complete range of Risco accessories specially designed for the food industry.Risco products are the result of careful research to help its customers of the small, medium and large food industry to develop new solutions in terms of production and finished product. The evolution of the company and the continued growth in years are not just a boast, but a tangible proof of its ability to adapt to the market and the needs of the customer.

01.01.2017: Risco is pleased to announce the beginning of the business collaboration with Multivac Trading in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. More


Exclusive Traysealing Showcase Event, 21-23 February 2017 at Multivac UK showroom in Swindon, UK. The aim of the event is to demonstrate Multivac UKs capability to provide integrated processing solutions for your business. Check the link to find out more information: www.traysealing.uk.multivac.com