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RS 274 + WT 05

RS 274 + WT 05

The system for producing sausages with constant length and cutting system.

The progressive frontal system RS 274 from Risco is connected to the in-line cutting system, thus ensuring a clear, accurate and productive separation of the sausages filled in natural, collagen or artificial casing, of every size and length. The system includes a Risco continuous vacuum filler of the advanced series with the twister and automatic brake system. The rows of sausages are placed automatically in a new modular system with belts which conveys the product in an precise manner up to the cutting unit. This unit uses a servo driven rotating blade that, with efficiency and precision, separate the individually or in two or more rows of sausages. The in-line cutting process leads to a competitive step towards industrial production automation.

Main Features

  • Effective separation of the portions
  • High production for all types of casings
  • Uniformity of length of the portions
  • Perfect closure of the ends
  • All process parameters are stored in the central computer
  • Easy disassembly of all parts for cleaning operations

Technical Features

  • Product length: 1000 mm max
  • Portioning speed: 700 pcs / min
  • Casings diameter: 18-42 mm


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