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RS 280

RS 280

The Risco stand-alone cutting machine with a compact design and maximized cutting performance

The new cutting machine RS 280 is a flexible unit suitable for cutting sausages filled in natural and artificial casing. The unit can be connected in-line and synchronized with Risco’s new generation linking systems or it can work independently when processing small batches or cooked sausages. The servo driven RS 280 is equipped with two feeding belts with adjustable speed for guiding and pulling the sausages during cutting. A three wings sharpened knife cuts the product in a precise and efficient way up to 1200 cuts/minute. The side inspection door on the knife area allows quick access for checkup, cleaning and maintenance operations. All the operating parameters and functions are memorized in the modern colour touch-screen panel.

Main features

  • Efficient cut of natural, collagen or artificial casings
  • Compact design, minimum space requirement
  • Minimized maintenance costs
  • Easy access on knife area
  • Programmable cutting (individual or multiple)

Technical features

  • Production speed: up to 1200 cuts/minute (depending on sausage length, casing type and calibre)
  • Casing diameter: 16-42 mm
  • Portion length: from 45mm up

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