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TR 160

The automatic angle grinder for high production

Model TR 160 is an angle grinder designed for high production of processed meats, fats, cheese, vegetables and others. Cutting plate diameter is 160-mm. The feeding worm, placed at the bottom of a large hopper is set at a 90° angle to the grinding worm, can be fitted with a variable speed motor, in order to guarantee a perfect and continuous feeding operation according to the type of product and grinding plates utilised. This grinder has a 325-litre bowl capacity, and can be connected to a de-boning system.

Main Features

  • Massive and compact design
  • Angular grinding system
  • It allows to maintaining the appearance quality of the raw material
  • Easy cleaning
  • Available with single or douple cutting system (Unger type)

Technical Features

  • Bowl capacity: 325 l.
  • Capacity of unloading cart: 200 l.
  • Total power: 22 kW
  • Motor power: 0.75 kW

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