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RS 450

RS 450

The frontal discharge mixer for medium production

It is the ideal machine for small-medium meat industrial plants. It can mix every type of meat product or any other mixable product. Constructed entirely of stainless steel accurately polished, it adds the unequalled advantage of the mixing system with intersecting mixing paddles and the frontal automatic discharge of the product, allowing output directly into trolleys, an emulsifier, a transfer pump, or directly into a screw conveyor. The RS 450 includes a 10-program microprocessor for quickly automating different mixes produced by the user. The bowl has a 450-litre capacity. It is also possible to add a vertical loader for a better line automation.

Main features

  • Gentle mixing
  • Mixing paddles with variable speed
  • Suitable for mixing small amounts of product
  • Vacuum system and optional CO2 injection
  • Robust stainless steel construction

Technical features

  • Bowl capacity : 450 l.
  • Cart capacity : 100/200 l.
  • Total power installed : 4 kW

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