TVM 140

Single head forming system

The Risco patty former allows to produce any kind of hamburger with round or oval shape or with special designs under specific producer’s requests. Directly connected to the Risco continuous vacuum filler, the patty former produces patties with a max diameter of 115 mm and a max thickness of 30 mm. The mould is made by an interchangeable forming plate and a pneumatically activated release device discharges the portions into a transport conveyor. The Risco patty former, mounted on wheels, can be perfectly integrated to the existing producing systems of the producer and it can be easily connected and disconnected to the continuous vacuum filler during the same working day.

Main features

  • Excellent product forming
  • Production reliability
  • Savings in production time
  • Ideal to start the production of burgers
  • Optional system for automatic paper interleaver

Risco Patty Former TVM 140