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RS 605

La embutidora de serie superior para la gran industria alimentaria

The RS 605 vacuum filler is as much suited to the production of traditional products such as salami, sausages and emulsified products as to contemporary products such as ready meals and deli goods. The Risco filler combines advanced technology of the new generation models with a robust compact construction and a flexible configuration. The result is maximum performance: a must for large-scale manufacturers. The advanced icon-based control and programming system means that different filling parameters can be monitored quickly and intuitively. The exclusive Risco filling pump avoids friction between the rotating steel components thus preventing premature wear. The short and gentle processing path guarantees exceptional results in terms of definition of all types of product. The RS 605 can be synchronised perfectly with high-speed automatic clippers and all other Risco accessories, ensuring complete satisfaction and maximum productivity to large-scale manufacturers.


  • Elevada producción
  • Óptima precisión del peso de las porciones
  • Excelente calidad del producto embutido
  • Perfecta sincronización con las clipadoras automáticas
  • Bajo costo de mantenimiento

Características técnicas

  • Producción por hora: 13.500 kg / h
  • Velocidad del porcionado: 700 piezas / min
  • Presión de embutición: 40 bar max
  • Potencia instalada: 13 kW
  • Capacidad de la tolva: 350 litros