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RS 21 PP

RS 21 PP

The compact tying machine for fresh products

The tying machine RS 21 PP represents the state of the art of the tying process of fresh and “mignon” sausages. Suitable for high production of sausages, the RS 21 PP guarantees an excellent and precise tie at a speed up to 180 pcs/minute. Compact, silent and equipped with the latest technology, the RS 21 PP features a fixed and a mobile pincer system that produces perfect positioning of the string on stuffed product, for a sausage of excellent quality. The new microprocessor allows you to manage all the production and tying parameters and adjustments can be made quickly and simply in the ten different programs: length of portion, production speed, space between the series, number of pieces and automatic stop at the end of the series are some of the programmable functions.

Main Features

  • Excellent reliability and productivity
  • Saving time in production process
  • Precise and high-tech mechanical / electronic control
  • Perfect tying process
  • Highly automated production

Technical Features

  • Max production capacity: 180 pcs / min
  • Max casing diameter: 45 mm
  • Max portion length: 240 mm
  • Total installed power: 3,10 kW