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A journey through Italy’s cold cut’s

Cotechino is produced with a mixture of quality lean pork meat ground and seasoned with spices, salt, pepper and natural flavours and stuffed into a casing.

#Cotechino is sold both in its fresh version (taking about 2 hours to be cooked) and the pre-cooked version, normally ready in 20-30 minutes and traditionally served with lentils.
It is usually consumed during the winter months, particularly during the Christmas time and on New Year’s Eve for good luck🥂🍾

Thanks to the peculiar design of the low-pressure Risco meat pump, vacuum fillers of the RS 400 and RS 500 series are the ideal solution to process Cotechino without compromising its unique texture and particle definition.

Main features of the Risco meat pump :
✅ zero product compression
✅ minimal heat rise in the product
✅ lowest risk of creaming
✅ reduced maintenance costs