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RS 916

RS 916

The system for the production of minced meat

The Risco system RS 916 is suitable to produce exact portions of minced meat (beef, pork, chicken and turkey). The system provides a high productivity with excellent weight accuracy. The RS 916 consists of a grinding head of 220 mm fed by a Risco vacuum stuffer. The cutting system cuts the ground meat accurately and consequently the system provides equal weight portions and a well formed product. Further the RS 916 system can be easily connected and interfaced to a trays conveyor system to feed  the product automatically into the tray, without interruptions.

Main Features

  • Optimum product definition
  • High productivity
  • Steady weight of the portions
  • Easy integration and interface of the system with other equipment (ie conveyors for trays, in-line scales, etc.)
  • Compact and flexible system (ie possibility to place the filler and the grinding/cutting system at 90°)
  • Conforming with EU and USDA norms

Flyer RS 916