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RS 450 SV

RS 450 SV

The Risco frontal discharge mixer with vacuum cover

Model RS 450 SV is the vacuum mixer for medium meat industrial plants. The vacuum system enables to maintain the original quality of the product and a better distribution of the proteins and aromas. The vacuum operation ensures also a greater absorption of liquids and a better mixing result. Model RS 450 SV is suitable to mix any type of foodproduct. It is constructed entirely in stainless steel and it features mixing system with intersecting paddles. The microprocessor allows to monitor and set in memory the mixing programs, including the vacuum degree in the mixing bowl.

Main features

  • Excellent distribution of proteins
  • Excellent mixing with liquids
  • Reduction of drying-seasoning period on dry-type products
  • Automatic program of the working cycle

Technical features

  • Bowl capacity: 450 l.
  • Cart capacity: 100/200 l.
  • Total installed power: 5.2 kW

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