Risco filling system

Superior product quality and portioning accuracy with the Risco Long Life system.

 The filling process is a fundamental part of any continuous vacuum filler. Through this process, in fact, the food is transported in the portioning pump where it undergoes air extraction and portioning. The Risco "Long Life" filling system, has an innovative design allowing a delicate filling of any type of product, whether meat or any other foodstuff, with a high precision in weight control of the portions.

The basic concept of the patented Risco Long Life system is provided by a concentric rotor with vertical vane movement. This unique system allows the high pressures that are generally created during the filling process to be reduced. The simple, yet sophisticated design of the pump allows the use of high-tech plastic resin vanes, thus eliminating the contact and friction between steel components. This is extremely important in particular for the wear of the most important and expensive components of the portioning system which are subject to considerable stress during the workday. The plastic resin vanes, in fact, tolerate the pressures developed by the filling system with precise movements, ensuring equal volumes of the product is transported in an optimal way. In fact, the volumes between the vanes which take the product into the Risco Long Life filling system are exactly the same from the entrance to the exit. This solution guarantees the elimination of friction or crushing to the product during the filling process. It is not possible to obtain the same results with an eccentric filling system. The Risco Long Life vane product pump provides the highest in product quality and exceptional particle definition of the meat product.

The improved Risco Compensation System removes the need for manual adjustment, even at high operating pressures, thanks to a perfect automatic balancing of the pump components and limiting steel component wear.

The mechanical parts of the pump are operated through modern servo drives, which allow total control over the movements of the parts. This system provides excellent precision portioning, ensuring exact weight control of portions.

Risco filling system