Sausage Systems

The new Risco frontal linking system for completely automated, high speed production of sausages and frankfurters in natural, cellulose or collagen casing. The Risco Frontal Linker System is available with automatic hanging unit and with cutting system.

RS 274 + RS 279
Risco Frontal Linker System for the production of sausages with equal length, complete with synchronized hanging unit.
RS 274 + WT 05-R
Frontal Linker for different type of sausages in natural or artificial casings, complete with automatic cutting system, for separating the sausages into individual portions or rows.
RS 274
Frontal Linker System for an automated, high production of equal weight and length sausages, filled in natural, collagen or cellulose casings.
RS 261 - RS 274 I sistemi Risco per produzione di salsiccia a peso e lunghezza costante