RS 2002M

The special vacuum filler for Mortadella

New electronic filler for mortadella and fine emulsion products. This machine combines over thirty- year experience of Risco in filling mortadella, with the new servomotor technology. The filler incorporates a feeding worm and a double vacuum system. The latter works in both worm feeding area and the meat pump area to give an air free product for better presentation when sliced. During the filling operation all cubed fat pieces are uniformly distributed through the product. The RS 2002 M features the new Risco microprocessor, which controls the operating functions, allowing the user to check the filling operation quickly and simply.

Main Features

  • Double-vacuum system for total air removal
  • Higher compactness and density of the final product
  • Excellent distribution of cubed fat pieces
  • Computerized total control of filling parameters
  • Easy connection with automatic clipping machine

Technical Features

  • Production per hour: 11.000 kg / h
  • Max portion weight: 32.000 gr
  • Total installed power: 16,5 kW
  • Hopper capacity: 450 liters
  • Cart capacity: 200 liters
Risco vacuum filler for Mortadella and Bologna