RS 650

The leading filler for filling premium quality ham products from whole muscle

The Risco RS 650 is the industrial total vacuum filler specifically designed to fill high-quality ham products. This model is ideal for filling large whole muscle with individual pieces weighing more than 500 grams. The meat pieces are handled very delicately thus maintaining their original integrity. The vacuumed hopper is connected, via a large pipe with a diameter of 200 mm, to a floor loading tank for a fully automated line and high productivity. During both the loading and filling operations, two independent vacuum systems are activated. The Risco concentric vane filling system, with precise and continuous feeding, and the control achieved by the Risco servomotors contribute to make this model an extraordinary filler. The result is a top quality product, compact, uniform and with no air pockets. Thanks to its mechanical and software flexibility the RS 650 can be connected and synchronised to any automatic high speed clippers and with single or double head guillotines for filling into moulds or thermoforming machines.

Main features

  • Totally air-free product
  • Maintains product structure and appearance
  • Improved shelf-life
  • Large feeding chambers
  • Automatic product suction control
  • High and continuous productivity
  • Exact portioning

Technical features

  • Production per hour: 15.300 kg / h
  • Filling pressure: 15 bar max
  • Installed power: 13 kW
  • Hopper capacity: 420 liters
  • Loading tank capacity: 1.100 liters
Risco total vacuum filling machine RS 650