RS 2200

The mixer for the large industry

The RS 2200 mixer is suitable for large industries that need to mix big quantities of product. It is equipped with a 2200-litre bowl capacity and a 22 Kilowatt main motor; this mixer can mix every food product uniformly, even big quantities, thanks to the intersecting mixing paddle system. This system allows mixing in a very short time and, with the frontal automatic discharge the product is collected in a transfer pump, in trolleys, into a screw conveyor or any other transport system. The mixing operations are programmed by the mixer’s microprocessor and can be recalled by the operator in a simple and fast way during the day. The mixer is constructed completely in stainless steel.

Main features

  • Intense, delicate and homogeneous mixing
  • Optional variablile speed of the mixing paddles
  • Absence of friction and crushing during the process
  • Massive construction, conforming with the hygienic standards
  • CO2 injection system available
  • Easily integrated into existing production processes

Technical features

  • Bowl capacity: 2200 l.
  • Cart capacity: 200 l.
  • Installed total power: 22 kW
Impastatrice Risco RS 2200