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Single head guillotine SA50 - SA75 - SA90

The guillotine of the SA series is suitable for portioning extruded products like meat, fish, vegetable or pastry dough. The guillotine is directly connected to the Risco filler and it provides precise weight and a clean cut of the portions. The guillotine is available in three versions, the SA 50 with single head 50 mm max, the SA 75 with single head 75 mm max and SA 90 with single head 90 mm max. The extruded product may be of cylindrical, square or other geometric shape upon request of the producer. The guillotine can be supplied with a conveyor belt (optional) to facilitate the transport of the extruded product up to the subsequent production stage, for a more automated production.

Main Features

  • Clean cut of the product
  • High production
  • Interchangeable inserts for higher flexibility
  • Easy cleaning
  • Product belt available as optional device

Ghigliottina SA 50 - SA 75 - SA 90