TVM 260

Double head forming system

Risco forming machine TVM 260 is suitable to produce burgers with round, oval, square shape or with special design under specific requirements. The system consists of a double forming head directly connected to the Risco continuous vacuum filler. The maximum production capacity is 70 pieces/min. Model TVM 260 has an interchangeable forming plate to grant top flexibility and possibility to produce burgers of various shapes in a quick and cost-effective way. If combined with the trays transport system with trays denester, the TVM 260 allows to put the burgers into trays automatically, thus granting a complete automation of the production.

Main features

  • Excellent product forming
  • High productivity
  • Excellent compactness of the product
  • Compact system
  • It allows to maintain the shape during cooking

Sistema di formatura Risco a testa doppia