RS 191

Innovative line for the production of sausages with vegetable coating

Risco project RS 191 is the innovative system for the production of sausages of any length and any calibre. The sausage is no longer filled into the traditional casing (natural or artificial) but with a new vegetable alginate based coating. The system consists of a Risco continuous vacuum filler, an extruding group where the vegetable coating is applied, and the sausages are filled and cut individually and a product conveyor belt. All the parameters of the system are programmed and controlled by a central computer for program monitoring. Just one person is required for the function of the whole system.

Main Features

  • Huge cost savings if compared to traditional filling into casing
  • Reduction of the time required for the production
  • Extraordinary weight control of each portion
  • Extraordinary length precision of each portion
  • No down-times for casing loading
  • The product can be processed immediately after manufacture
  • Reduction of the bacterial contamination
  • Longer shelf-life of the fresh product placed into trays
  • No need to modify the original recipe

Technical Features

  • Production per hour: up to 910 Kg / h
  • Product size: 15 to 32 mm
  • Weight portions: upon request
  • Installed power: 14 kW
RS 191 linea per produzione salsiccia senza budello