RS 912

The Ground Beef system with denester, for the production of minced meat in tray

The Risco system RS 912 for the production of minced-meat meets the growing demand for automation. The line is suitable for producing beef, pork, chicken and turkey ground meat, and it allows to portion and deposit the product directly into the tray, without any manual intervention of the operator. The Risco vacuum filler feeds an independent grinder which is synchronized to a portioning belt with integrated cutting system, the result is a production of precise blocks of minced-meat. The trays conveyor belt with denester automatically accept the trays, without any manual intervention. Thanks to this modern process of production, Risco system ensures excellent productivity without risk of bacterial contamination.

Main features

  • Excellent aspect of the ground meat
  • Excellent weight control
  • Perfect cut of the minced-meat blocks
  • Fully automated system
  • Possibility to use any type of tray
  • Only one operator is required for the operation of the system

Risco system for production of minced meat in trays