RS 912 S

The system for the production of minced meat in trays, without denester

The system for the production of beef, pork, chicken and turkey ground meat. It consists of a grinding head with 160 mm or 220 mm diameter cutting plates, a meat portioning belt with integrated cutting system and with paper support. The system provides an excellent weight control of the portions with an excellent definition of the minced product. The different solutions of plates / knives allow you to have different ground meat product, depending on the specific requests of the user. All parts are easily dismantled for cleaning operations. The "Ground Beef" is also available for mounting directly on the sealer conveyor.

Main Features

  • Excellent presentation of minced meat
  • Precise cut of the meat blocks
  • Automatic depositing of the product into the tray
  • Minimum investment for a first class production
  • Maximum positioning flexibility of the components to optimize the space
  • Automatic process in line with packaging machines

Risco machines for Ground Beef in trays