Forming Systems

The Risco forming systems allow the production of burgers with round or oval shape or with special designs in an accurate and automatic way, to increase competitivity as required by new market trends. Risco forming systems are available with the conveyor belt and with automatic paper positioning.

AT 200
The patty former for homestyle burgers, meatballs and other products with a spherical, oval or conical shape.
AT 201
Compact forming machine for gourmet burgers from meat, fish or vegetarian dough
TVM 140
Forming machine with single head for production of round- oval or different shaped burgers.
TVM 260
Forming system with double head to produce burgers of circular, oval or other shapes on request
DF Series
The system for the production of balls (meat or fishballs) with forming head from 2 to 6 diaphragms.
Risco burgers forming systems