Filling and in-line grinding

Complete optimization of the filled products thanks to Risco in-line grinders.

The most advanced technology applied to a multi-year tradition can lead to huge improvements for the manufacturers of meat products. If this technology does not interfere with the quality aspects and distinctive features of a particular product, it can then leads to large benefits in terms of production and new business.

A new trend for the manufacturers of sausages is in-line grinding during the filling process. Risco offers the possibility to fill and grind simultaneously thanks to the RS 70, which is the result of a careful research for a better mincing of meat products. The process of filling and grinding is a new criterion compared to the production. Although this might appear as an unnecessary and superfluous operation, actual facts show this is a competitive step for a better quality of the final product.

The process of filling with grinding ensures better product density thanks to the compaction process implemented by the meat grinder. Such higher density means that the definition of the ground product is superior and this is especially visible when the sausage is sliced. An additional benefit of cutting on the in-line grinder stresses the definition between lean and fat of the product.

The delicate process of filling and grinding does not cause any stress to the product, thereby ensuring a total absence of smearing and improves the seasoning distribution. The drying process to allow dehydration of the product is a complex process in which many variables come into play. Such a delicate process is supported by the increased compactness on the final product with consistent time-saving.

The new processing concept of the Risco in-line grinder RS 70 leads to the production of a product with a superior quality besides cost savings due to less drying time, by optimizing the tradition in the production of dry products.

This process can be easily integrated in every production. The product is generally prepared with a grinding plate larger than the final one. This reduces the stress to the meat product during the filling process on the Risco portioning pumps. The air is completely eliminated in the Risco "Long Life" pump up to the grinder. The in-line grinder has independent speed and it guarantees the effective cut of the product according to the speed of the filling pump. This improves absolutely the molding process of the product according to the demands of the manufacturer.

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