Control system

Intuitive and total control thanks to modern computers from Risco.

It is extremely important that the operator is in a position to monitor all the working parameters of the vacuum filler during the filling process in a complete, immediate, and intuitive way.

For its continuous vacuum fillers, Risco has developed modern computers to facilitate the operator during the working day. The new generation computers from Risco adopt a system using icons to facilitate its use and control all the filling parameters. The computer can memorize and control up to 100 different programs which are easily recalled and modified. The filling parameters can be changed while the machine is in operation.

The Risco computer control system also allows you to store and recall other useful information according to the needs of the producer, such as the production being produced already or the amount of product to be filled.

Periodically it will show the list of maintenance operations to be carried out (maintenance service), enabling the service to be carried out on schedule and to keep the machine operating at peak performance. An intelligent troubleshooting system allows the maintenance department to analyze and correct a problem quickly and efficiently to minimize down time and lost production. Risco monitors can also be interfaced with existing data administration systems.